New Jersey Nerf Dart Tag Party Venues and Nerf War Venues

This page has a comprehensive list of all of the venues that host Nerf Dart Tag Parties in New Jersey.

City Name Description


Bridgewater The Airsoft Factory We here at The Airsoft Factory are proud to offer kids the coolest Birthday Party they ever had Nerf Wars has been a huge success please book 2 weeks in advanced. Nerf wars is a great alternative to airsoft if your kids are not old enough to play airsoft. Nerf wars is a great fun and safe way to have war games for the younger kids.We can promise you that this will be the best party of there life.We are also the creators of Nerf Wars at our Flemington location we introduced it and it was a huge hit.Please book now and reserve your spot!
Clark USA Karate & Fitness Much Fun For Everyone!
# Up to 20 kids can participate
# Nerf guns are provided
# 1 1/2 hours of non-stop action!
# Includes pizza and drinks
# Only $399 !!!
Springfield USA Karate & Fitness

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